Installation and Assembly of the Sculpture

  • Choice of the location for the sculpture:
    Wind sculptures should be placed in a free / wind accessible area.
  • The sculpture will be set up in a screw foundation. The sculpture can be set up directly.
    • no construction site
    • minimum excavation
    • no concreting
    • no waiting
  • By the choice of the location the soil condition of the ground must receive attention.
    • To a depth of 80 cm must be no pipes or electric lines in the direct area of the installation in the ground.
    • For the possibility of a manual insertion of the screw foundation there must be no bigger stones or roots in the direct area of the location in the ground.
  • Of course it is possible to have the foundation prepared by a landscape gardener or a building contractor as well.
  • Space requirement if a manual insertion is possible:
    • An area of approx. 1 – 2 meters around the sculpture must be passable and suitable for putting up a ladder.
  • A flat excavation depth approx. 10 cm, Ø approx. 25 cm is necessary.
  • Around the screw foundation gravel / bark mulch or something similar can be attached.
  • No warranty by later changes at the building ground as well as natural changes as lowering of the ground, landslide, flood, earthquake, etc.